In Other News – 10 January, 2011

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Sweet cheeses! It’s the inaugural ION post of a brand new year. Yeah, we’ve been posting a few articles here and there, but this is the first (of many) that features the fine female form.

The holidays, like it or not are now very much over. Though some of you started as early as last week (you poor bastards), many have only started working again today. Did you manage  to get much gaming done in your time off? I tried – in earnest – but my efforts were mostly in vain. Children, active little buggers that they are, took up most of my daylight hours, mostly resulting in me being far too damned tired to game at night. Of course, I was tempted by the multitude of post-yule gaming sales and my backlog’s now actually increased.

With the incredible line-up of games due in the coming months, I’m not sure I’m ever going to play any of the title’s making up my pile of shame. To offset the sadness that arises from teh realisation that there’s just too much to play, I’m posting up a picture of the pants-tighteningly hot Italian  Romanian model (thanks, Jason). Madalina Diana Ghenea. More here.

Here’s the new we didn’t post because we’ve been too busy staring – and crying – at the pile of unopened games on the shelf.


Top selling UK games of 2010
Portal 2 getting motion control – On PC
Silent Hill 8 Named and Dated
PS3 Now running Homebrew with no additional hardware

Xperia Play (PSPhone) doing PSX Emulation. Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer Shown.
Omek’s Body Tracking for PC
Call of Duty Played with Kinect and Wiimote
Extremely rare, extremely expensive Zelda dinner set

LittleBigPlanet 2 Story Trailer
Mortal Kombat – A night with Mileena Trailer
Mario Kart 3DS shakycam
Starfox 64 3DS shakycam

Last Updated: January 10, 2011

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