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In Other News – 10 November 2011

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So I’m really excited for Skyrim tomorrow. Maybe a little too excited. During my lunch hour, I may have quickly fashioned myself a tinfoil dragonborn helmet. but the plus side to making such flimsy armour, is that I’ve finally managed to block out the mind-control transmissions from the CIA across the street, who have cunningly disguised their headquarters as a charity shop. Yessiree, no international black ops station is going to try and brainwash me.

Today’s lovely model, sponsored by LW Mag, is Isabella Jensen, a Jozi girl who enjoys a good steak and may be quite talented on the pole-dancing front. If you’d like to see more of these lovely ladies, or if you know of someone who deserves the fame and adulation of the male population here, then be sure to check out the LW Mag 2012 Calendar girl search contest.

In Other News: The Simpsons may be returning to the arcade, Star Trek might  be boldly going nowhere and a million characters in Saints Row the Third.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy deciding today who makes the best biscuits. And I’m not budging from my decision to say that Oreos are the best biscuits by far.


Is The Simpsons arcade game returning?
Skyrim breaks release date
Epic denies Gears of War 3 PC rumours
Star Trek Infinite Space might not release
LA Noire PC graphics comparison
Saints Row 3 fans create one million characters before release
”We didn’t want to create a win button” says NFS: The Run producer
Man gets turned down for job, steals xbox and hides it in his pants, gets tasered


F1 2011 Car setup and tuning guide
The do’s and dont’s of Battlefield 3 multiplayer
MW3 Weapons and tactical attachments guide
Which of these 27 gamer classifications do you fall under?
The five worst gaming peripherals ever


Guns of Icarus debut trailer
UFC Undisputed 3 Velasquez vs Dos Santos simulation trailer
Saints Row 3 music video trailer

Model: Isabella Jensen

Last Updated: November 10, 2011

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