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In Other News – 11 November 2011 Weekend Edition

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Doutzen Kroes

Its the eleventh of the eleventh of the eleventh year of this millennium (shut up and don’t correct me maths geeks, I’m on a roll here). Now, if that hobo who was preaching about an apocalypse occurring today was right, and I’m certain he was because I gave him my banking details, then it would be really bad timing. It’s Skyrim day, and instead of seeing people walking around enjoying life and the outdoors, I happen to be the only man on earth.

Where has everybody gone? Its not like several billion people are playing one game all at once are they? Are they?

In Other News: The DC Universe swells with new heroes and villains, a reason to digitally kill anyone who worked on Battlefield 3 and the Kinect gets accelerated.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy being caught up in a Skyrim rapture.

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DC Universe Online gets one million new users
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Sony developing a cutting edge social game for PS3
Bethesda on why developing for the PC can be a headache
What is the Kinect Accelerator
MW3 Hacked on PC
Skyrim customised Xbox 360 console revealed 


Is corporate greed killing gaming communities?
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The six most outrageous weapons in Saints Row The Third
The historical inaccuracies of Assassins Creed


Alan Wake VGA 2011 teaser trailer
Rayman Origins – Grannies from Heck gameplay
The song of Skyrim

Model: Doutzen Kroes

Last Updated: November 11, 2011

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