In Other News – 12 January 2011

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You may have noticed a relative lack of input on the site of late, from one Nick de Bruyne. Apart from today’s GT5 article, there’s been little from our favourite internet boob scouring, ION posting red-backgrounded reviews and features editor.

He is, to put it rather bluntly, quite f*cking sick. Where goats are capable of eating just about anything and remaining relatively unharmed, Mr de Bruyne currently has a constitution that’s rather the opposite. He’s probably evolved (devolved?) to become one of those organisms that uses arsenic to synthesize DNA and needs his lungs to be filled with methane, because just breathing makes him vomit forth in an unparalleled display of digestive pyrotechnics.

So today, instead of the regular In Other News, we have this: a plea for him to get better…mostly because the rest of us are all tired and grumpy and sick of doing the ION post.

Addendum : his back’s borked, and he’s developing an ear infection as well. Really, the dude’s falling apart. His list of afflictions reads like a glossary in medical encyclopaedia.

Last Updated: January 12, 2011

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