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In Other News – 13 July, 2011

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So it happened again. Yesterday I told you how sleep evaded me the night previous and it did so for a second time in a row. Consequently, I’ve had about two hours of sleep in about as many days. Some of you left helpful advice, like doing exercise (but seriously…no) and other bit of wonder. As a long time sufferer – I’ve tried everything. The only thing that happens when I exercise is I end up tired  and sore. I’ve tried boozing myself to sleep – but I tend to pass out, and wake up an hour later feeling like death took a dump in my mouth. I’ve tried just about every herbal thing you could imagine (yes, even that) but it’s all for naught. The only thing that does really work is the nasty schedule ninety-six stuff the doctor prescribes – but that leaves me feeling fuzzy-brained for a week after.

So yeah..I’m tired, grumpy..and pretty soon I’ll stop making sense completely. Here’s the news we didn’t post because potplant lemon cactus gingerbread rhubarb.


Another South Park game headed exclusively to Xbox 360
Square wants a Vita Final Fantasy XI
Customisation a “big part” of Dawn of War 3
GameDevStory 2 to have more social features
Starcraft 2 brings its players closer together
THQ: Next-gen consoles to be “service oriented”


Can Bungie replicate Xbox 360 success on PS3?
Hot girls wearing game shirts
Amazing touch-screen Fleet Commander (Thanks, TheKervynator)
Bomberman Movie trailer!
Amazing Super Mario Bros low score run
Stunning video game art of Thierry Doizon
Super Mario Nyan cat! 
What we want from GTAV

30 minutes of Deus Ex Human Revolution

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