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In Other News – 13 March, 2012

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Gah! It’s Tuesday – which means we’re edging slightly closer to a beery Friday. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t quite shaken off that Monday feeling yet – I just know that today’s going to kick me up the arse when I’m least expecting it. Today, for those of you who give a damn about Astronomy (that the one that’s actually about the cosmos, and not that fortune-telling nonsense)is Percival Lowell’s birthday. Or at least it would be, if he wasn’t dead.

He’s the guy who discovered Pluto – which was still a planet back when I was in school. Now? Now it’s just a rock flying about in space. A beer then, for Percival and his previously-appointed as a planet Pluto!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because…well, because beer, really.


Final Fantasy XIII’s Nabaat is back
Epic: ‘Wii U will shock us at E3 this year’
Modern Warfare 3 content drops available for Xbox 360 Elite users
Mass Effect 3 to get multiplayer DLC, image suggests
Alan Wake sales top 2 million, series ‘has a future’


Why Mass effect 3’s ending doesn’t need changing
PlayStation 3 Connects Murder Suspect to a Burned Body
Battlefield 3 gets intimate with ‘Close Quarters’ screens, trailer
Beware of malware-infected copies of Mari0
Inafune on the sad state of Japanese game development
Jade Raymond looks forward
We’ve missed Master Chief
Must-have RPG’s of 2012


Journey developer diary
David Jaffe ‘couldn’t care less about next-gen’, uses the word ‘f***’
Skyrim in real life
Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Ziba Tower trailer

Across the networks

New Avengers character posters for Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America
Watch the new trailer for the new Prometheus trailer!
Well colour me impressed. Early buzz for The Hunger Games is very positive
William Wallace (Braveheart) headed to the small screen for biopic series
The Hunger Games vs Twilight
Iron Man 3 plot details revealed?
This self frothing beer mug will give you great head
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