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In Other News – 14 December 2012 Weekend Edition

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Oh Jingle Bells, Gavin smells, Yolanda broke a leg! Geoff lost some wheels and Darryn got awaaaaaaaaay! Have a great long weekend everybody!

In Other News: Triple the Max Payne bang for your weekend, Cliffy B wants to leave a legacy behind, Metal Gear Rising slashes a demo this way, an insane collection of SPACE MARINES! and when gaming got a little too bloody.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today because we were too busy worrying that ol’ Saint Nic Cage was going to fill our stockings with DVDs of Ghost Rider 2.


Max Payne 3 multiplayer event this weekend, triple XP and skulls for everyone
Their Kickstarter makde $170 000, but now they’re out of cash
Square Enix offers discounts on everything Square Enix
There’s a Zelda game on the Windows 8 store (Don’t buy it)
Cliffy B talks new studio, redefining his legacy
Tim Schafer concerned over the place for smaller studios on next-gen consoles
Capcom is looking to localise games in up to 15 languages
Metal gear Rising demo launching in the west from January


An enormous gallery of Warhammer 40K miniatures painted to within an inch of their lives
The phantom pain’s ploy – Fair or foul?
Racist Morons Have Serious Issues With BioShock Infinite
The ten most insanely violent video games ever made


Crimson Shroud – Launch trailer
Killing Floor – Twisted Christmas trailer
Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars – Android trailer
Crysis 3: The seven wonders – Hell of a town

Across the Network

And your 2013 Golden Globe nominees are
Flynn lives again as Garrett Hedlund heads back to the sequel for Tron Legacy
Olivier Megaton is all set for taking Gotham
Rumour: Is this the plot for Justice League?
Movies releasing today – Hobbits, anti-heroes and man hoes
Check out this cool concept art for Disney’s upcoming Frozen
This final trailer for Zero Dark Thirty uses some real trade-craft

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Last Updated: December 14, 2012

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