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In Other News – 15 August 2013 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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Our homegrown hottie for today is Monique du Plessis, a Pretoria model who happens to be an FHM top 100 lady, has great taste in music and will her use her looks to get a Lamborghini Aventador out of you. Kinda cool, that. Read more about her here.

In Other News: Nintendo forks out, Ex Zynga guys become zombies, NBA 2K14 has a crew, Death is spelt ABC and Castlevnia gets bulky.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because we would have totally done it after one more Plants vs Zombies 2 level.


PES 2014 achievements revealed
Castlevania Lords of Shadow collection spotted
Counter Strike GO update allows weapon trading
Nintendo required to pay ex Sony engineer $15 million for 3DS patent
A new football season means a new Football Manager 2014
NBA 2K14 brings back crews, adds Euroleague and more
Flashback HD remake gets a new story trailer
Ex Zynga devs resurrect World Zombination


Seven ways to initiate sex in Saints Row IV
Is it time for World of Warcraft to go free to play?
So maybe Microsoft does want to be more like Steam
How not to act at a Call of Duty tournament


Mechwarrior Online – Kintaro trailer
Splinter Cell Blacklist – Launch trailer
Dark Souls II – Forging a hero teaser

What’s on at The Movies

Find out what best friends are for in this first trailer for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters
Top List Thursday – 5 anime series that should be made into live action movies
We Review the East – A tense, thought provoking and ambiguous espionage thriller
Don’t lose your head in this new trailer for 300: Rise of an empire
The ABCs of Death 2 director list has been revealed
Second opinion Review: Evil Dead – A spiritually accurate remake, that loses its bite in a more jaded world

Model: Monique du Plessis

Last Updated: August 15, 2013

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