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In Other News – 15 February 2013 Weekend Edition

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Man. It’s been a mental, and awful week. These are some pretty dark times, and South Africa’s big in the news for all the wrong reasons – but it’s the weekend, and we need to look forward to the positive. Unfortunately, I’m a really grumpy, cynical bastard and I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. Go home week, you’re drunk.

In Other News: More downloads for your Universe, massively multiplayer ghosts in shells, Sony’s got an eye on the Eyepad, get infinite slicing for gratis, and Grant Hinds has an issue with Game Jernalolisms.


Unreal Engine 4 superhero game Project Awakened takes to Kickstarter
Mass Effect 3 DLC next week
Ghost in the shell MMO coming next year
Insomniac believes FUSE can become a franchise
Sony patents the EyePad. Lolwut?
Next Resident Evil to be more focused
Play the Warframe Open Beta this weekend


Pre-order a game you haven’t even seen!
Infinity Blade free for a week!
The Elder Scrolls Online shows off armour concepts
Last Guardian coming to PS4?
Crystal Dynamics talks Tomb Raider
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Dated
Get a Steelbook with your Bioshock Infinite preorders!
Virtual Superpowers encourage real-world empathy


The Problem With Being a Video Games Journalist
More Lore with Bioshock Infinite
Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter video update #1
Grid 2 Gameplay video
Injustice Gods Among Us: Aquaman reveal

What’s on At TheMovies.co.za?

Vin Diesel believes in ghosts in the theatrical trailer for FAST & FURIOUS 6
Daniel Espinosa is going to become a RACKETEER
Blimey! The FAST & FURIOUS 7 villain is…
Movies out today: Yippee-ki-yay, it’s a Good Day to hunt Bin Laden
Bryan Singer talks X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST; how he became director

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Last Updated: February 15, 2013

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