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In Other News – 15 May 2012

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By now, most of you are most likely getting antsy to return home, to flick on your PC and give the latest Diablo game a solid few hours of attention. The notorious and future meme, Error 37, has been resolved by now, for all the millions and millions of gamers worldwide, so get clickin’ on that title.

For those few who are still experiencing some issues, head on over to the Blizzard forums, as the helpful tech staff has a wide array of help available.

As for our ION today, the latest community one is from BoondockSaint, as he has chosen an old favourite of mine personally, Rosie Jones. And she is still an absolute stunner.

In Other News: Michael Pachter is very excited for the PS Vita, 38 Studios might be, Spidey shows his moves and Blizzard says no to making a Skyrim game.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was trying to see which organs I don’t need, so that I can book a trip for the Top Gear Durban show, with some black market moneyz.

(Psst, actual ION Lady after the jump)

Remember, who ever has the most likes on the community ION, gets a special prize from us. 



Big unannounced PS Vita title has Michael Pachter very excited
Sony comments on Last Guardian development progress and E3 2012
Blizzard: “We’ll never make a game like Skyrim”
New Pokemon Black and White 2 info
PC Gaming hardware market will hit $23.6 billion this year
Is 38 Studios fighting to stay solvent?
Max Payne 3 pro tournament exhibition is coming
EVE Online Inferno – Free expansion launches on May 22


Diablo 3 crafting guide
Top Five sequels on iPad
Five gaming franchises that need saving, and who can do it
How a lucky fan became an Uncharted character


De-Pixelated – Max Payne 3
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown – Features Trailer
Mechwarrior Online – Gameplay Trailer 2
Dreadline – Debut Teaser Trailer

Across the Networks

Idris Elba confirms that he will reprise his role for Thor 2
Ethan Hawke finds his Predestination
Martin Scorsese wants to talk to you about Rolls Royce’s
Channing Tatum is gong to bring the White House Down
Taylor Lautner is going to jump on stuff in his new film, Tracers
Tom Cruise will need to watch Robert Downey JRs snarky back in El Presidente
The new four minute Spider-Man featurette brings some classic Spidey action
UK Supermarket Sainsbury’s tries to sell old Captain America DVD as new Captain America DVD
Brain scans could reveal your intelligence in the future
Finally, a chance to pilot a giant Gundam robot
How fast can you read?
Solar-powered eyes might help blind people see in the future

Model: Rosie Jones

Last Updated: May 15, 2012

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