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In Other News – 15 October 2012

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Man, what another crazy day! Summer is here, and it’s hitting me full swing with…rain? Dammit! This is all your fault Al Gore, all yours! Cuuuuuurse you for getting my hopes up with your global warming malarky!

 In Other News: The ban-hammer comes down, Hawken starts testing, NASA(L) gets to work, a genius plummets to earth and a look at the best games in the 007 library.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy trying to see if we could set a new world record by getting the lads to toss me out of an airplane.


Halo 4 pirates hit with Xbox Live perma-bans
Nearly 20 Chinese bueracrats fired for gaming at work
Domino added to Deadpool game, gets artwork and a Q&A session
Hawken Beta starts real soon
Cross Link alternate costumes announced for Street Fighter
EA blunder as free Origin games promotion spins out of control
Walking Dead Episode Four save game issue patched on PS3
DmC Devil May Cry demo confirmed


The five best desktop PC cases
The best moments that GTA V will have to beat
Shaken and stirred – A history of James Bond games
Top 20 video game covers


Forza Horizon – 80s Frenzy gameplay
Neverwinter – Helm’s Hold lore trailer
Zombeer – Gameplay trailer

Across the Networks

NASA(L) is working on a nose spray to keep astronauts from vomiting
Will your jiggly eyeballs hold the passwords of tomorrow?
He’s done it! Felix Baumgartner sets a world record for his space leap
They’re making a female Expendables movie, yes another one, by the name of the Expendabelles
Jon Favreau and Ryan Reynolds are headed to The Battle of Bonneville
This new trailer for The Impossible will wash you away
Monday Box Office Report
David Fincher needs your help to kickstart The Goon Movie
That’s a nice bike you got there Robocop
First image and NYCC teaser footage for Evil Dead gets the fans all worked up

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Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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