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In Other News – 16 February 2012 Homegrown Hotties Edition

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Babe of the Week Marlize

Before we start talking about our lovely ION homegrown Hottie above that was sponsored by LW Mag, we’ve got some calendars to give away first! So, we chucked all the names in the randomiser, and picked 15 lucky winners.

And they are:

  1. Fnuik
  2. DJ Skippy
  3. Dooza
  4. ryan.adams
  5. Darren Britz
  6. Kris Krody
  7. claudiu a
  8. Melkman
  9. Milez Away
  10. Johan du Preez
  11. Pieter
  12. Shaun De Hoog
  13. Maiya
  14. Faeez Hendricks
  15. TechniKyle

Congrats guys, you’ve all won an LW Mag calendar that is still good for the rest of the year! Remember to send your contact details to Gavin at gavin@lazygamer.net in order to claim them. In the mean time, have a look at our local header for the day, Marlize Liebenberg.

A Cape Town born girl that resides in Alberton, she’s a lady who digs guys with muscles and has a soft spot in her heart for Valentines Day. Read more about her here.

In Other News: Capcom show more interest in vampires, Darksiders 2 throws order out of the window and a video game about slavery that is actually quite fun to play.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy picturing what we would look like wearing tight cycling shorts.


Counterstrike Global Offensive begins next month
Capcom registers new trademark, Vampire Darkstalkers
Surprise Pokemon information coming next month
Darksiders 2 loot drops will be random, ala RPG styles
Wii U screens to be in HD and 3D?
Telltale drops new info on their Walking Dead game
Richard Morgan on rebooting Syndicate
Ghost Recon Future Soldier was ‘too sci-fi’ at E3 2010, didn’t feel elite at all


Japan is cautious over the PS Vita
The struggle to make a really good superhero game
They made a video game about slavery, and it’s actully pretty good
The greatest RPG that Japan has ever made may never reach western shores


Ravaged – Trike Development Diary trailer
Syndicate – Launch Trailer
Call of Duty Elite – Overwatch DLC map trailer

Across the Networks

There ain’t no snooze button on this alarm clock
This Godfather PC case mod is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse
Radeon HD 7750 and 7700 – Overclockers paradise
In the future, your laptops might be made out of paper
Nicolas Cage is keen to set his skull on fire for a possible Ghost Rider threequel
Laurence Fishburne gets ready to fight cannibalistic cavemen
Transformers 4 will have less comedy, more action
We review: This means war – a far from perfect attempt at the perfect date movie
Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep join forces for August Osage County
Forest Whitaker will be Desmond Tutu in the new Roland Joffe film
We review: The Iron Lady – A featherlight biopic that is surprisingly engrossing
The new trailer for Clive Owen’s ‘Intruders’ looks real creepy

Model: Marlize Liebenberg

Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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  1. AH NO MAN, can you believe it, I actually won something like a year and a bit ago and I didn’t even know :-(,,,,, WHY????????????????????

    DJ Skippy is my aka


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