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In Other News – 16 May 2013

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Have you been enjoying the week of no trolling? Even though the self-appointed curator of purity, Erwin, seemingly has no grasp of what trolling really is, I must say, it’s been fun watching you all reigning your…enthusiasm…in a little. Well, until All hell broke loose, that is. It wasn’t designed that way, you know. We haven;t written stuff just to get you to explode. Promise.

In Other News: The Last of us is dun dun dundunnnnnnnn!, GT6 could hit PS4 and other TLAs, Lionhead may need some Fable help, Nintendo’s making money from your work made from their work and Blizzard gives desperate birthday boosts.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were too busy not trolling you.

The Last of Usdevelopment completed
Polyphony considering PS4 version of GT6; has “unfinished business” with PS3
Avalanche Studios’ mysterious steampunk sandbox game has been put on hold
Panopticon: Sony’s mysterious countdown ends, trailer appears
Lionhead seeks devs to ‘add new ideas to existing franchises’ 
Super Ubi Land becomes Super Ubie Land as dev complies with Ubisoft’s request
Nintendo Forcing Ads On Some YouTube “Let’s Play” Videos

Angry Birds flick flies to cinemas July 1, 2016
This Game’s Beautiful And You Don’t Even Need To Look At It
Diablo 3’s giving birthday boosts
Fix yer own Ouya
SingStar updated with Bonnie Tyler’s Eurovision entry
World of Tanks tournament to mark Wargaming’s 15th anniversary
Get ready to flank and…spank with Fuse

Dark Skills Trailer 2 
The best Retro bosses ever
Shin Megami Tensei IV: The Ritual

Header: Barbara Palvin

Last Updated: May 16, 2013

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