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In Other News – 18 November 2011

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My thumbs are in agony. No, I haven’t been in a match with 4-time world champion thumb wrestler Buford “Oppwnable Digits” Murdock again, but thanks to the stack of games I have to get through, I’m putting some severe strain on my favourite pieces of biological evolution.

I haven’t stopped playing Skyrim since last week, but the review disc for Saints Row 3 is calling me away from my swords and sorcery epic, while Ezio Auditore gives me a sullen stare for ignoring him and his Constantinople missions. But duty, (and a tube of deep heat applied to my thumbs), won’t allow me to back down from the weekend of serious gaming, so lets get it on.

In Other News: Turn your phone into a handheld console with a handy device, the Avengers might be re-assembling after all and innovations from older games that would have worked well today.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because Jack, “The Thumbnado” Wilson challenged me to a no holds barred match for the Intercontinental championship, and I need to practice.

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Gears of War Cliffy B reveals must play PS3 exclusives
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Crimecraft reveal trailer
Tap tap Muppets debut trailer
WWE 12 :Macho Man Randy Savage trailer

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Last Updated: November 18, 2011

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