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In Other News – 19 March 2012

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By now, I’d reckon that the majority of you are nursing massive Saint Paddys day hangovers, no doubt having been exacerbated by Irish company, green drinks, flowing alcohol  and sessions of intense pinching against people who were not wearing green.

Well, except for Cape Town, but we’ll leave the nanny-state discussion out of this one. I had quite a chilled weekend, rarely venturing out of my habitat, preferring instead to catch up on some Mass Effect 3 action and several other games due for review.

So how about you guys, did you engage in some Hollywood-worthy escapades this weekend?

In Other News: Minecraft blasts off into space, Hideo Kojima prepares to shine and Austrailia takes a step closer to not being an authoritarian nightmare for mature gamers.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy deciding which tramp stamp tattoos we wanted to get.


Australia gets one step closer to a R18 video game category
Hironobu Sakaguchi: Western RPGs focus on freedom over story
Annecy is developing the multiplayer for Assassins Creed 3
Unreal engine is the engine of success, using anything else would be uncivilized, says Epic
Hard Reset Expansion will be free for pre-release Steam owners
Kojima is working on the shining moment for Metal Gear franchise
Is Minecraft going into space?


The six best looking games for your new iPad
When gamers have crossed the line
The top five epic failures of March
Mass Effect 3 – Why I play renegade
Should consoles go completely digital?


Sleeping Dogs Developer Diary – Choosing Hong Kong
Kingdoms of Amalur – The legend of Dead Kel trailer
The Witcher 2 – New elements trailer

Across the Networks

Prometheus has landed with two, yes two, new trailers!
American artists comes into conflict with Summit Entertainment over bizarre Twilight trademark
Five unavoidable persons who make going to the movies an absolute hell
First look at Joseph Gordon Levitt as Bruce Willis in Looper
Monday Box Office results – Jonah Hill jumps 21 times over the Lorax and John Carter holds its own against drunken teenagers
Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter cuts through the darkness with a greasy axe and a new trailer
21 Jump Street gets a sequel mere days after it opens
Google is going to penalise excess SEO
Your new iPad might have some overheating issues
A 100 years of photographic technology, combined
This strip of speakers could repla
ce your entire sound system in the future

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Last Updated: March 19, 2012

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