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In Other News – 19 May 2015

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I don’t really enjoy eating fish much. I don’t quite know what it is about piscine flesh that doesn’t really engage my senses in the same way a freshly roasted lamb knuckle, sizzling sirloin or grilled bit of chicken does. Maybe it’s the bones I inevitably fight with, that slight mercurial taste that its skin imparts or the fact that it’s generally so plain, but for the most part, I don’t like fish. And yet, one of my favourite things on this planet to eat is a Provencal fish stew; bouillabaisse.

Though the traditional Marseille bouillabaisse would have you eat the fish after the soupy stew, more often than not a bouillabaisse now would give you the whole lot; a veritable aquarium of firm and fleshy fish (followed later in the cooking pot by daintier, more delicate fish) and shellfish, cooked up and flavoured with, garlic, tomato, fennel and saffron and served with crisp, crusty buttered country bread. Managing to be light and delicate, but full of flavour, a great bouillabaisse is an experience.

In other news: How does MMO work?, Destiny’s got a den of wolves, Project Cars is number one and Take 2 teases.

Here’s the new we didn’t post because  we’re too busy watching Geralt’s beard hair grow.


The new Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited trailer explains how MMOs work
Project CARS first Bandai Namco consecutive No.1 in 16 years, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood debuts in second place
Game of Thrones – Episode 4: Sons of Winter screens show terrifying encounters
Take-Two announces new 2K AAA project
Sunset launch trailer promises high drama and housekeeping


Debugging the hero narrative in The Magic Circle
Sometimes I leave Xenoblade X running just to listen to the music
From Torchlight to the stars: a morning with Rebel Galaxy
Surprise motherf***er!


Catlateral Damage – Infomercial trailer
Destiny: House of Wolves – Launch trailer
Hounds: The Last Hope – Cinematic trailer

What’s on at The Movies

BATMAN V SUPERMAN rumours reveal major villain and Lex Luthor’s outfit
FRIDAY THE 13TH will not be found footage
This trailer for PAN will leave you believing
SUICIDE SQUAD set photos show off Jared Leto’s hip new Joker
Here’s your first look at the star of WARCRAFT
Dwayne Johnson confirms FURIOUS 8 role, discusses possible Hobbs solo film
Michael Fassbender invents the future in this first teaser trailer for STEVE JOBS

Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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