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In Other News – 21 February 2012

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Tori Praver

If you’re a gamer in the Joburg area, then you are no doubt aware that Ster Kinekor is having a little party for this new-fangled handheld gadget that they call the PS Vita. There’s going to be quite a few industry faces present there, with the launch being an invite-only affair.

How Geoff and Gavin got invites in the first place is something that I’ll never understand, and due to me being situated somewhere distinctly south and coastal by around a 1000KM, means that I’ll miss out on being there.

Well, that, and I’ve got a ton of work to prep for tomorrow anyway. So who cares if they get to play with fancy new consoles and eat free food, who,sniff cares? I don’t!

In Other News: Nier isn’t ready for Kickstarter, Gearbox wants to be careful with xenomorphs and Barack Obama fights ogres.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy crying in a shower. Again.


Half of all players have finished the story on Alan Wake
The complete trophy list for Syndicate
Nier Director is afraid to try Kickstarter
New Pokemon title to be revealed this week
Could a new countdown site be the first indicator of a Respawn Entertainment game?
Prototype 2 design director was disappointed with the original game
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney battle ogres in Dungeon Defenders
Is Final Fantasy XIII-2 getting Mass Effect costume DLC?
Gearbox on Aliens: Colonial Marines – "We need to be careful"


Is Xbox Live Arcade the future of digital gaming?
Ten of the freakiest characters in gaming
Would you rather be a hero or a villain?
A tour of the Valve offices


MUD – Developer Diary on visuals
Cusader Kings 2 – Seven Deadly sins: Piracy
Eligium – Beta launch trailer

Across the Networks

Antonio Banderas is Pablo Picasso
Wanderlust co-writer Ken Marino talks about Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston
It’s the end of an era, as Londons Twickenham Film Studios faces closure
Djimoun Honsou and Orlando Bloom are going to be Zulus
The poster and trailer for Eddie Murphy’s ‘A thousand words’ – I got a few choice words for ya right here
We review My week with Marilyn – A pleasant but unexceptional look at a Hollywood legend
Jim Caviezel joins Arnie and Sly in ‘The Tomb’
Mark "Kick-Ass" Milalr talks sequels
We review Hugo 3D – A magical film about the magic of film
The Sims freeplay for Android
Hallelujah, it’s a church made of Lego!
When Science and Japan meet alcohol, great things happen
You won’t just speak with your hands in the future, you’ll sing with them too
The funniest phone review ever

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Last Updated: February 21, 2012

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