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In Other News – 21 June, 2011

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Today is Tuesday, named for Tiw or Tyr, the the Norse god of combat, victory and heroic glory. He’s analogous to, and regularly identified with both the planet and the Roman god of war,  Mars – which explains why languages that are Latin-based all have words based around “mars” for their names for this second day of the week. Italians call it Martedì, The Spanish call it Martes, and the French call it Mardi.

Me? I just call it “one day closer to the weekend.”

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we’ve been trying to scratch the blue “In Other News” bit off the header image, like we tried to do with the stars from all of dad’s Scope magazines.

GTA V coming next year?
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja: Storm Generations revealed
Elena and Chloe to be less prominent in Uncharted 3
Obsidian giving PC Dungeon siege players better controls
Redner responds to Duke controversy
Video games reason for US crime drop
Wii U Planning goes back to 2007

Mario meets with his agent
EEDAR’s most promising retail hits from E3 2011
War of the Worlds Screenshots
Link invades Minecraft
6 games with Mass Effect styled morality options


Shadows of the Damned launch Trailer
Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 Trailer
L.A Noire Nicholson Electroplating Trailer

Header girl : Tyran Richard

Last Updated: June 21, 2011

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