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In Other News – 21 September 2012 Long Weekend Edition

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Who’s ready for a long weekend? I am! I got plans man! Cool plans, plans that will rock this world to the core and make you question the nature of life itself! Actually, no, no I don’t have such plans, but what I do have, is a desire to hit the beach, and flamegrill some meat. Have a great long weekend everyone, and we’ll catch y’all back here, next week.

In Other News: Professor Layton is back on the case, we hear nothing with the latest Rocksmith expansion for PC, a Secret World goes free sort of, DmC is smooth on PC, bad asses battle and the gang assembles to Kick Ass again.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy buying dangerous amounts of lighter fluid for Monday, and drawing straws to see who’s going to light the fire. Nice knowing you Yolanda.


Professor Layton and the Arzan legacies gets new 3DS screens
Some Halo 4 campaign screens to start your Friday
Mirror’s Edge is sprinting to PSN
Disney accused of stealing chiptune music
Gravity Rush 2 hinted at by director
Rocksmith’s bass expansion comes to PC in October
Play the Secret World for free
DmC on PC being outsourced, coming after consoles


Check out clips from the Halo 4 soundtrack right now
A single player in a multiplayer world
I hate the Wii U pro controller
Sad  truths about game development


Halo 4 – Campaign interview
E.X Troopers – TGS 2012 trailer
Monster Hunter 4 – TGS 2012 trailer

Across the Networks

The Force is strong with this padawan replica action figure
Who wants to play with some Lego balls
Twitter just killed animated GIF profiles
Nearly the whole team is here for this Kick Ass 2 set pics blowout
Friday Fight Club – Battle of the bad asses
Go steal some bread with this Les Miserables featurette
Del Toro is bringing The Strain to TV
Ronin director Cal Rinsch fired from production, Universal Studios assumes control
Spy Guys set to venture to a Lonely Island
Movies releasing today – Sequels and art house fare
This international trailer for Gambit has you by the short and curlies

Model: Alie Layus

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

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