In Other News – 24 October 2014

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In Other News: PS4 updates a date, Mewtwo is going to smash you, 3D Realms has come back to kick ass and chew bubblegum, Codemasters dips into a turbo toybox and World of Warcraft comes from a land down under.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy being all kinds of special.


PS4 system update 2.00 has a release date
Codemasters announces Toybox Turbos
World of Warcraft finally gets Australian servers
Free version of Xbox music to be scrapped
Resident Evil was a difficult game to rmaster in HD
Puzzling platformer Forward to the Sky scales Greenlight’s tower
Mewtwo will join Super Smash Bros
3D Realms returns with 32-game Anthology release


You don’t know him, but you’ve seen this man’s art everywhere
The prepatched Evil Within we hope that you never play
And you thought it was hard to get to BlizzCon
The Football manager documentary hints at the games identity crisis


Mario Kart 8 – Yoshi circuit trailer
Rift  – Nightmare tide launch trailer
Hazard Ops – Full metal moon trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Third time just isn’t lucky with this first teaser trailer for Insidious 3
Move over TV heroes, Archie is headed your way in Riverdale
Wes Craven dreams up some Elm Street trivia
Geoff John’s talks The Flash and WB/DC’s multiverse
Movies out today – Halloween thrillers and poignant dramas
This trailer for Superfiend has come to judge you
James Spader talks Avengers: Age Of Ultron

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Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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