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In Other News – 25 April 2012

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I really hate some of you Jozi rebels lately. It seems that your crusade against e-tolling is finally paying off, leaving government no choice but to tax everyone, in order to fund the roads. And those taxes come out of the petrol, which is why the latest increase comes with a complimentary tube of vaseline.

Now, because of you guys, I have to pay an extra 84 cents when I go fill up my hyper-efficient motorcycle. It’s not fair!

In Other News: Massive dragons that AREN’T related to Skyrim, Black ops reveals a covert image and Metro Last Light tries to go all grey with morality.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because my fingers were broken after tabulating so many entries for our Witcher 2 contest today.


There’s a 65 foot long dragon coming, and it’s not SKyrim
DICE hopes to talk again soon about a Mirrors Edge sequel
Offline games are dead, says EA Sports
Gotham City Imposters reveals new outfits…for pirate Jokers?
Black Ops 2 countdown reveals a second image
Warren Spector is scared about the cost of next generation consoles and game development
Metro Last Light features a more subtle, sophisticated and nuanced morality system
The Walking Dead is now available on Steam


The ten best video game robots, EVER!
Has gaming become too expensive?
Top 5 fictional gaming companies
Three reasons why fighting games don’t need a story


Sleeping Dogs – Hit Points: Stirring the slumber
Prototype 2 – Advanced gameplay montage
Forza 4 – Top Gear DLC trailer

Across the Networks

The Lone Ranger gets a soundtrack from a Seven Nation Army
Owen Wilson is ready to fly the coup
Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will be rewriting the script for Amazing Spider-Man 2
Robert Rodriguez plans to remake tepid water after the Sin City and Machete sequels
Pixar prepares to celebrate the day of the dead
Find out what a Thompson machine gun does to a mortal in this trailer for Lawless
Midweek Mouth-Off – Amped for the Avengers?
Go Batty for this trio of high quality promo images for the Dark Knight Rises!
Prepare to eat some snakes, with the new Metal Gear Solid scale replicas
Say hello to the new AMD laptop behemoth chip
Dolbys new Atmos Sound System will assault your ears with 128 levels of audio

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Last Updated: April 25, 2012

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