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In Other News – 25 November 2011 Weekend Edition

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Hey, did you hear? We’re throwing an awesome party next month! It’s a great excuse to come hang around and chat up a storm about games and the industry, and most likely several other topics that can’t be mentioned on this site. Even I’m flying up from the ass-end of nowhere, although I’m a little bit concerned about the flight I have to take.

Apparently I have to share room on a cargo plane, with some other passengers, and the flight ticket makes it abundantly clear that I am not to address anyone who is wearing a bag over their head and is handcuffed, or to make eye-contact with the gun-toting American soldiers onboard. Still, the ticket prices were clearly insane to pass up.

In Other News: I Am Alive may have more money in its future, Sony is eager for more innovative games and Spec Ops”: The Line tells the environ-mentalists to go away.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to find out if anyone could make us a Barbie cake for the party.

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Is there a new Call of Juarez game in the works?
New info on God Eater 2
Mortal Kombat Game of the year edition is coming
Kinect Dev team ready to “Change the world” again
I am Alive might have a big budget future similar to Assassins Creed
Sony keen for more “Heavy Rain” style games
Notch apologises for being a d*ck
Spec Ops The Line: ‘We’re not making statements about global warming or any of that crap’


Skyrim secrets: How to get the Hevnoraak Dragon Priest mask
Is the element of surprise in gaming disappearing?
Gears of War 4: Things we want to see
British MP blames Modern Warfare 3 for exploiting London subway bombings
Geek dad tackles his 3DS battery problems


Halo Anniversary Sticky Grenade Montage
Motor Storm RC Debut trailer
The Darkness 2 gameplay walkthrough

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Last Updated: November 25, 2011

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