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In Other News – 27 February 2015

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Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that can make you happy. And no, I’m not talking about when I go to the bathroom. I recently acquired an electronic fly zapper, after a fish braai ended in tragedy once every single one of those bastard insects descended on the meal. And life has never been so happy. Its allowed me to work on my backhand, swatting flies down for good and filling the air with a rather unique aroma of burning wings and zapped appendages. I have of course, shocked myself several times with the damn thing, but it was still worth it to finally get an edge in the long-running war with the braai-ruining flies. Victory, is indeed mine.

In Other News: Titan Souls go, Final Fantasy has a few records to spin, tackling the problem of VR and pure evil on the set of Chappie.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy wondering why Monica Lewinsky’s dress was popular again.


Titan Souls releases on PS4, Vita, PC on April 14
Pokémaniacs! Gold/Silver starters now on Pokémon Bank
Final Fantasy: Record Keeper arrives in the US this spring
Guild Wars 2 adding first-person mode
Crowfall is an MMO that mixes Game of Thrones with Eve Online
EA Access members get 10 hours of early Battlefield Hardline time
PopCap founder is tackling VR’s biggest problem, and it will be an uphill fight


The plan to resurrect ToeJam & Earl
New fighting game is basically an indie Power Stone
Tech Analysis: Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
How the new Wolfenstein nailed character motivation


Final Fantasy Type-O HD – Gameplay overview
Supernova – Cinematic teaser
Arkmikrig – Giving life to Tommynaut

What’s on at The Movies

No pressure: Here’s the final trailer for THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT
THE FLASH and ARROW spin-off series is all about team-ups
Director Josh Trank talks FANTASTIC FOUR, plus new pics of the cast in costume!
Netflix acquires rebooted INSPECTOR GADGET and DANGER MOUSE cartoons!
BLADE RUNNER sequel taps Prisoners director; Harrison Ford officially confirmed
Movies out today: more Oscar contenders, and other silliness
Neill Blomkamp clairifies statement, says his ALIEN movie will NOT ignore existing continuity
“Pure evil” Die Antwoord made filming on CHAPPIE a nightmare

Model: Lauren Bethencourt

Last Updated: February 27, 2015


  1. Harrison Ford in Blade Runner sequel? Then surely that means that Rick Deckard is not a replicant! Seemed like there was very good reason to suspect that he was one, particular the final scenes.

    Hmmmm fish braai… A couple of weeks ago, I ate braai-ed tuna for the first time: so so good!


    • Dutch Matrix

      February 27, 2015 at 16:14

      I think I need to watch Blade Runner again. I think I was… Well, I was very young when I saw it the first time.


      • Matewis Jubilai

        February 27, 2015 at 16:20

        Preferably at night, while it’s raining 🙂

        I’m a shameless fanboy though : it’s my all-time favorite scifi film, all-time favorite game, and Deckard’s gun is one of my favorites in my all-time favorite rpg, Fallout 2. Top spot goes to the Gauss pistol 😀


      • CAE9872

        February 27, 2015 at 16:28

        Now that is a good idea…I haven’t seen it in while.


      • Skyblue

        February 28, 2015 at 09:26

        Get the Directors Cut. Much closer to the original vision of Philip K. Dick and it was Scott’s original direction before the studios stuck their noses in.


    • Blood Emperor Trevor

      February 27, 2015 at 16:23

      But… what if he’s cgi-young looking like Arnie did in the last Terminator movie?


      • Matewis Jubilai

        February 27, 2015 at 16:35

        lol, that would just be wrong…


  2. Dutch Matrix

    February 27, 2015 at 16:11


    And Mass Effect!!!!




    • Matewis Jubilai

      February 27, 2015 at 16:21

      I still need to finish the first one 😛 Loot system is a bit annoying though – too many weapons in every container imaginable


      • Dutch Matrix

        February 27, 2015 at 16:22

        Yeah, ME 1 is a bit overkill. Though ME2 was/is pure gaming bliss.


      • Brady miaau

        February 28, 2015 at 19:40

        play it, you soon learn to deal with th chaff, i.e. 99% of all you pickup, but some money is nice to buy some expensive kit.

        ME2 is the other direction


    • Pariah

      February 27, 2015 at 16:21



  3. ReaperOfSquirrels

    February 27, 2015 at 16:14

    Klapping BL2 (PC) this weekend as I can’t justify the spend on DBZ XV.


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