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In Other News – 27 July 2012 Weekend Edition

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You ever had one of those nights, where you just completely lost track of time while jamming a title, realising hours later that you should have been snoozing already? I did last night. Except replace last night with this morning. 3 AM to be precise. Mark my words Tonberry King, I will acquire you, even if it kills everyone else in the process!

In Other News: Notch a loss of first-person action, a familiar Zombie returns, some other zombies get accolades, China loves the Kinect and its clones, terrible firepower, King Kong versus Godzilla and the craziest Japanese pub ever created.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy giggling at the implied innuendo in the London 2012 Olympics logo.


Blizzard jumps on Windows 8 catastrophe bandwagon
China can’t get enough Kinect clones
WRC 3 – First gameplay footage shows Spanish track
Rich jerk throws a wad of money to kick a gamer off a PC
Transformers Fall of Cybertron demo release date confirmed
Plants versus Zombies introduces a talking Zombatar app
Minecraft creator cancels first person shooter project
CDPR is hiring multiplayer programmers for two upcoming games


The top five worst guns of all time
Final Fantasy XIVs latest deceit
Episodic gaming – The good and the bad
Three things that Uncharted gets wrong


Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn trailer
The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Accolades trailer
TERA – Argon queen trailer

Across the Networks

The real cost of being Batman
This just might be the manliest bicycle ever made
The Japanese robot bar has just tipped the craziness scale over
Friday Fight Club – Monster Melee Mania
We’re howling at the moon in this trailer for Werewolf: The beast among us
Ridley Scott is planning a disaster
Dredd director Pete Travis talks the law, hints at a trilogy
Director John Moore talks A good day to Die Hard, how just any old sh*t won’t do for this sequel
Movies out today – The bat, the cabin and the dog
Director Doug Liman is looking to do some jumping again. Back in time that is
Pixar is helping Jon Favreau build his magic kingdom

Model: Roxanne Pallet

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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