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In Other News – 27 March 2012

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Nicci Pisarri

I won’t lie to you, I’m still not right at the moment. Health-wise that is. I don’t know who exactly I’ve angered, but I’m currently experiencing symptoms that are normally associated with gypsy curses and building a house over a Native American burial ground.

So far, I’m feeling worse than that day I was chosen to be the Pink Power Ranger.

In Other News: Ferrari gets delayed, Codemasters jumps ship and Alan Wake is currently on hiatus.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post because our trains were late this morning.


Sega is releasing more games on XBLA
Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends is delayed again
No more episodes planned for Alan Wakes American Nightmare right now
Suicidal player laughed at and then trolled in EVE Online gathering
Codemasters jumps ship
Mojang mulls over Minecraft movie
South Park: Scott Tenormans Revenge to launch on March 30
UK Teachers union wants a tougher legislation on violent games


Top 7 games that physically hurt to play
Is classic gameplay being mislabeled as outdated?
Happy Birthday, Survival-Horror
The original 151 Pokémon, according to my mom


Prototype 2 – Thermobaric chopper tendrils attack
Star Wars Kinect – Launch trailer
Kid Icarus Uprising – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

These 8 bit movie posters are geektastic!
Angelina Jolie chats about her Malificent horns
Iron Man 3 will see the return of the Black Widow
The trailer for The Monk – Piety, devoutness, celibacy and bats in a belfry!
Have a look at Rick Baker’s designs for MIB3!
Joel Kinnaman talks Robocop, Hollywood, age restrictions and acting in the suit
We review Wrath of the Titans – Exciting mythological action sold short by haphazard storytelling
The future of musical technology just got a little weird
One drug to cure them all – Has science found a cure for cancer?
Science has just confirmed the truth – Popcorn is healthier than vegetables
Microsoft gives the law a kick in the pants, raids botnet suspects

Model: Nicci Pisarri

Last Updated: March 27, 2012

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