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In Other News – 28 June 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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Our LW Mag sponsored homegrown hottie today is Chantelle Leigh Winch, a Jozi girl who happens to live life with a YOLO attitude, who digs partying, different time zones and shiny teeth. Sounds weird yet sexy! Read more about her over here.

In Other News: Some facts about Lego Batman, how Skyrim is linked to Resident Evil, Codemasters goes next-gen, making games scary, Japan doesn’t like collateral damage and Iron Man builds a PC.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy using the Chewbacca defense on Geoff after an argument went on for way too long today.


Codemasters is developing a next-gen IP for true next-gen consoles
Civilian deaths will be punished in the Japanese version of Sleeping Dogs
Konami will be present at Gamescom 2012, bring Castlevania 2 with it
Nintendo – There was a need for a 3DS Xl and the larger screens
Noisia and Combichrist join forces for DmC soundtrack
Fun facts about Lego Batman 2
How Skyrim inspired the creator of Resident Evil
Max Payne 3 – Local Justice DLC arrives in July


Why do Microsoft exclusives sell better than Sony exclusives?
Video game do the funniest things
How to make a truly scary game
Video game jobs that I wish I had


The Amazing Spider-Man – Stealth and Combat
Retrovirus – Alpha gameplay trailer
Kingdom Hearts 3D – Dream Eaters gameplay

Across the Networks

Android flicking the jelly bean
Yeah, it can fly – The Tony Stark PC case
Solar powered floating islands for the obscenely rich
Google unveils their Kindle-killer Nexus tablet
Guilty Pleasures – The Boondock Saints
Top List Thursday – Top Ten Leon Schuster pranks
Van Helsing is going to be “grounded in reality”
Buh bye traditional stock film, as Scorses embraces digital for his next project
Less violence, more authenticity in the Starship Troopers Reboot
Second Opinion on Mad Buddies – Juvenile and painfully unfunny toilet humour
You’re going to need your seat belt for this new Total Recall trailer
This new international trailer for Looper can’t let you walk away alive

Model: Chantelle Leigh Winch

Last Updated: June 28, 2012

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