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In Other News – 28 March 2012

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Right now, I’m currently tripping all kinds of light fantastic on the medication for my gastro-flu, so forgive if I don’t make too much sense, giant talking Ringo Starr head. Not that the medicine is doing what it’s supposed to either, as it has somehow amplified the intense stomach cramps I’m having.

And the fact that Geoff is wearing a biohazard containment suit while stocking up on shotgun rounds doesn’t comfort me much either.

In Other News: Another Kickstarter crowd-sourcing game is in the works, the five ballsiest Easter eggs in gaming and why Alan Wake will never appear on a PS3.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy making N7 cupcakes.


Molyneux begins hiring for his new studio, 22 Cans
Gears of war 3 forces of nature map pack releases today
Obsidian confirms that it’s working on a Kickstarter project
The ESRB takes the red out of the Risen 2 cover
Is Lucasarts developing a next-gen FPS?
New Devil May Cry HD collection details – Aspect ratio, bonus content and more!
Alan Wake games will never be on PS3


The five ballsiest Easter eggs hidden in games
Forgotten fighting games of the past
The five worst ways that games copy movies
Five HD collection remakes that need to happen


Sniper Elite V2 – Lets hun t Hitler gameplay
Bioshock Infinite heavy hitters – Sirens
SSX – Survival tips and tricks

Across the Networks

Richard Donner chats about the Lethal Weapon 5 that almost was
Kenneth Branagh prepares to pull Jack Ryan out of retirement
The lastest trailer of The Dictator annexes the internet with new footage
Midweek mouth-off – Shameful gaps in your movie watching
11 New Avengers images for you to gawk at
The Total Recall teaser trailer is here, yes, it’s a trailer trailer, groan
Avalanche research could lead to better ice cream
An in depth look at the portal gun that you will never own
James Cameron breaks solo dive record
School expels student for swearing over Twitter

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Last Updated: March 28, 2012

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