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In Other News – 29 April 2014

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I’m back baby! Be honest, you all missed me. After all, who else but yours truly can absorb so much hate, ridicule and questions about his mental health without imploding? Hell, Zoe is still cowering in a corner after just a few days. Time to let the pro step back into the ring.

In Other News: Prepare for more Dragon Quest, Angry Birds get halved, Capcom has a few hits and Hearthstone is making money.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because the guys were too busy spiking my Bat-Water supply.


Dragon Quest sequel in the works
Adam Sandler’s video game comedy gets a release date
Blacksite: Area 51 trademark filed by Warner Bros
Hearthstone’s free to play model validated by beta tests, says Blizzard
Mount giant war elephants in Black Desert
Angry Bird publisher profits halved as company plans for the future
Towerfall on PS4 is selling better than PC and Ouya
Capcom’s Gameboy Advance hits coming to Wii U


How video games can change the world, one child at a time
Tomodachi Life is a system seller in Japan – can it do the same in the west?
Retrospective: Advance Wars
Monster fights are the best fights


Block Story – Early access trailer
Bound by flame – Developer diary: music
Dark Souls 2 – PC Launch trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Heaven’s Gate: Soderbergh’s butchers cut
Kevin Smith is reuniting his Tusk actors for Anti-Claus
Star Wars Expanded Universe officially axed, here’s your new expanded universe
This trailer for Trust Me is asking for that one chance
Tuesday Box Office Report – The other blockbuster
Third Hobbit film renamed to The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies
It’s official – Zack Snyder will direct Justice League

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Last Updated: April 29, 2014

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