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In Other News – 29 August 2014

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The cold weather bit at my nipples like unchained angry Rottweiler’s being fed print-outs of 4chan. Clearly, something was on the way, and it was up to me to put a tasteful shirt on and get to the bottom of it. Donning my best Little Mermaid top and wig, I set out to investigate. What did my year-long quest uncover? Apparently, enough exposition to distract you all as I buggered off for the weekend.

In Other News: Going home to Wii U, celebrating Final Fantasy, Saints Row teases, Xbox One updates early and a ton of smashing screenshots.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy getting concealed weapon permits for our dangerously hard and cold nipples.


Here’s your first look at Yakuza 0
Deep Silver teases Saints Row reveal
It’s taken three years, but Runescape in Minecraft looks great
Xbox One September update available early
Here’s a whole gaggle of Super Smash Bross Wii U screens
Gone Home going to Wii U
Final Fantasy XIV celebrates an anniversary with the Rising Event
Back To Bed cuddles up with iOS, Android


The SJW Effect – Welcome to the end of the world
Hodor is a DJ, behold his Rave Of Thrones
Some celebrity games that don’t feature Kim Kardashian
Dude, there’s a bear in your tent


Stick it to the man – Xbox One launch trailer
Loadout – Update 5.0 trailer
OlliOlli – PS4 trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Amazon launches a new pilot season
This trailer for The Rewrite is a little bit desperate
This trailer for Rosewater can’t take your hope from you
Your queen has returned in this new trailer and images for Seventh Son
Here’s here your first look at Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four reboot
Movies Out Today – Ladies take the lead
The Russos talk Captain America 3
These new clips and images take us into the Dalek of Doctor Who

Model: Danielle Sharp

Last Updated: August 29, 2014


  1. I hope Saints Row goes back to being a bit more like the second one in the franchise.


    • Corrie Botha

      August 29, 2014 at 16:36

      Loved SR2 ,was the best in the series to me, took me a while to get into 3 , Sr4 was okay but when I look back at it , it was a real let down to the franchise , I mean GAT hardly played a big role..


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