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In Other News – 29 November 2013 Weekend Edition

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Kayleigh Pearson

Man, I am barely surviving as the days tick by to our inevitable December break. Usually, I’m more jacked up on energy than an Energiser bunny after getting an alkaline enema, but this is the part of the year where even my fuel cells begin to run dry. I just need to survive two more weeks though, because that’s when my enthusiasm generators will kick in once I get my greasy hands on a PS4.

In Other News: Shenmue 3 is a hoax, Warhammer plays some cards, race the sun towards Steam and a girl and her robot arrive on Wii U.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy trying to get inside our Nkandla mansion.


Shenmue 3 trademark confirmed as hoax by Sega
Festival of magic wants to turn farmers into warriors
Warhammer 40 000 Space Wolf trailer introduces F2P CCG
Indie Royale debut 7 bundle includes six games
Race the sun is finally headed to Steam
EA investigating Battlefield 4 DLC issues on Xbox One
The girl and the robot hits Wii U stretch goal
Batman Arkham Origins story DLC out in December


Smash Bros director’s job would kill me
Charlie Brooker – My favourite game
Bananasaurus Rex keeps breaking Spelunky
Playstation 4’s front end – The good, the bad and the broken


Saints Row IV – Elements of destruction DLC trailer
Disney Infinity – Holiday preview
Infinite Crisis – Champion Profile: Mecha Wonder Woman

What’s on at The Movies

Director Colin Trevorrow reveals when Jurassic World takes place
Go behind the scenes with these new Transformers: Age of Extinction images
Watch the first episode of Rick and Morty right here!
Movies Out Today – It’s all about the local lekker flavour
There are war and confusion found thusly in yonder trailer for Cymbeline
Author Chuck Palahniuk says the Fight Club sequel is going to be…graphic

Model: Kayleigh Pearson

Last Updated: November 29, 2013

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