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In Other News – 29 September 2011

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Man, I am jealous of you Jozi and Pretoria residents. Tomorrow, the local highlight of the year, rAge, is happening, and you’ll all be hustling to get to the Dome, so that you can mingle with some of your fellow gamers, like a big heaving sea of sweaty gaming fanatic man-meat. Actually, scratch that, I’ll chill on the couch, safe down here next to the coast, while you all get swamp-ass.

Geoff and Gavin are going to be there as well, just like every year, and will be hugging anyone that stops by to say hello. Geoff has been practicing hard, which is probably the reason why we have so many more dead interns laying around the offices. More than usual at least.

In Other News: Crysis looks even better, we get ready to rocky Blizzard with the Foo Fighters and we get skilled in Minecraft.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because Gavin wouldn’t stop posting funny, distracting pictures in the Skype feed today.



Crytek: Crysis on console looks better than PC version
New Clan of Champions screenshots and details
Is Lucasarts working on Knights of the Old Republic 3?
THQ Announces Puss in Boots game
RAGE will change the perception of id Software
The Foo Fighters to take the stage at BlizzCon 2011
Naughty Dog: It helps to be mad when developing Uncharted 3
Minecraft skill system revealed
Saints Row 3 achievement list


Ten Reasons why Lollipop Chainsaw will rock
Five things you didn’t know about F1 2011
The essence of Zelda in just eight frames
Dead Island movie dream cast
Five modded consoles I wouldn’t mind having


Battlefield 3 kill montage
Dark Souls All Saints Day trailer
Rochard launch trailer

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