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In Other News – 30 May 2012

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Eva Mendes

We’ve got another community ION submission today for you guys, in the form of the ever lovely Eva Mendes, from Kevin Copley. Hit the link to see her larger than life.

Remember, if you like this ION lady, then give the article a like, as the winner will receive…something from us. If you want to submit your own ION submission, then send a mail to this address, gaving@lazygamer.net .

Remember, make certain that your photo is not watermarked, safe for work and hasn’t been used here before, and we’ll have your lady up on the site, and yourself in the contest.

In Other News: The 3DS receives some insanity, a Reckoning sequel that shall never be, some excessive force in Prototype 2 and the real reason why GI Joe Retaliation got delayed by nine months.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy getting ready to grind some G3ars tonight.


Kingdoms of Amalur sequel was in development before 38 Studios was shuttered
PSN pricing for Zone of Enders collection revealed
Fable the Journey is the biggest thing that we’ve ever made, says Lionhead
Far Cry 3 was inspired by Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia
Treyarch talks Black Ops 2 next-gen sniper rifle and penetration
SOCOM Servers are shutting down
Shin Megami Tensei 4 announced for 3DS
Halo 4 wins award for outstandingly awesome art


Sony needs more than Sorcery to resurrect the PS Move
Why you should care about sequels
E3 2012 – Top ten most wanted game announcements
Could Sony introduce another PS3 model at E3 this year?


Legends of Dawn – Gameplay trailer 
Mass Effect 3 – Rebellion trailer
Prototype 2 – Excessive Force DLC trailer

Across the Networks

The Dracula light bulb runs on your blood
A camel powered ambulance will save you from a desert death
The museum of endangered sounds will ensure that humanity never forgets the horror of 56K modems
This bartender has a lot more gears than usual
The Avengers – How it should have ended
Guilty Pleasures – Jay and Silent Bob Strike back
Blame Spider-Man and Hollywood success for the GI Joe Retaliation delay
Now that Pattinson is out, Kitsh, Hammer and Hedlun all want to be Catching Fire
Tom Cruise changes his name from One Shot to Jack Reacher
Midweek mouth-off – Sequelitis
Starship Troopers is turning Japanese in this new trailer
Time to place your bets on this new trailer for Lay the favourite

Model: Eva Mendes

Last Updated: May 30, 2012

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