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In Other News – 30 November 2011

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I think I may have finally found a game to wean me off my Skyrim addiction. It’s got everything I need in a game. Awesome heroes? Check. Good versus Evil versus complete jerk? Check. Lovely ladies? Check. Steel chairs? Checkmate for you Skyrim.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a fan of Sports Entertainment, and the WWE specifically. I grew up watching The Rock quiz people on his culinary odours, learnt that Rattlesnakes were not to be trusted and that smelly socks were one of the deadliest weapons known to mankind.

And to this day, I still love it. Sure people may shout FAKE at the WWE, but I love it for what it really is. The greatest show of physicality, cheesy acting and hype on the planet.

In Other News: Ed Boon busts some myths, Japan loves Skyrim and video game art gets quite classy.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I had to go get stitches after Geoff busted my head open with a flaming steel chair.


King of Fighters fan writes an open letter to developers regarding poor online play
Crackdown 2 devs to develop steampunk game for a big publisher?
More details on the batcave DLC for Arkham City
Gran Turismo 5’s real world Data Logger is back in action
Skyrim makes history as the first western game to get a perfect score in Japan
Forza 4 motorpack DLC detailed
Ed Boon comments on Sony Title Fight and Killer Instinct rumours
The Smithsonian wants your video game art


How Uncharted 3 developers made the faces look alive
Combating sequelitis
Top seven comic book games that need to be made
How to get the best armour for your assassin in Skyrim


Honey Tribe debut trailer
World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Hour of Twilight patch trailer
Rainbow 6 Patriots: Gameplay interview

Models: The Bella Twins

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