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In Other News – 31 May 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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So, who’s our LW Mag Homegrown Hottie today? Why none other than Kerri Rudolph, a Jozi girl who will love you for your eyes. She can kick your ass with speed in an argument, has a need for speed and thinks that surfers are hot.

Read more about her, over here.

In Other News: We Fus-Roh-Poot in Skyrim, get excited for E3 with some potential announcements, Anonymous threatens our favourite motorsport, we host a symphony and examine 15 magnificent ways in which asses were kicked.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy marvelling and approving of various Hollywood brooms.


New Dead or Alive 5 details
No plans for FIFA 13 to appear on the PS Vita
Razer unveils Black Shark gaming headset
Gamers outraged over SOCOM server closures
League of legends hits Romania
Zelda Williams to host E3 Zelda symphony
Darksiders 2 development influenced by fan feedback
Stay classy, with the Skyrim shout-farting mod


Frag Dolls – What’s the point?
Five things that Rockstar should leave out of GTA V
PC Gaming with the basics
Top Ten anticipated E3 announcements


Mega64 – The Night of a 100 Errors
Quantum Conundrum – E3 Trailer
Spy Hunter – Debut Trailer

Across the Networks

Eli Roth can’t wait to have you over for dinner in his new film, The Green Inferno
Ryan Golsing is beaten black and blue in these new images for Only God Forgives
George Lucas calls it a day with Star Wars and Lucasfilm
Top List Thursdays – 15 greatest movie fight scenes
Jake Lamotta is taking on Rocky in a grudge match
We review Battleship – A surprisingly fun Independence Day successor
Iron Man 3 reveals its real steel villains
So you think you know what Benedict Cumbermatchs’ villainous role in Star Trek 2 is? Simon Pegg says you’re wrong
The Apparition – Once you believe, you die
Anonymous is going to take down Formula 1
Is the riflestache a viral meme in the making?
This isn’t a killer robot, it’s a kickass computer!
The Avengers finally gets some girl power

Model: Kerri Rudolph

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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