In Other News – 5 August, 2014

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Darryn’s off daily ION duty, and each of us has free reign to use whatever pictures and words we like to put here. I’ll be going for straight up porn.

Food porn, that is. Some of you may not know that my other great big passion, aside from video games, is food – and not just because I’m a fat bastard who likes eating it too much. And there is no food greater than the humble burger, which when done well can transcend being junk food, and soar to magnificent, epicurean heights.

Pictured here is one from Dukes, one of Jhb’s very best (though hipster-laden) burger joints. It joins other favourites like The Wofpack, Rocomamas and Beefcakes as home of some of the best burgers JHB has to offer. While we’re on the subject…where’s your favourite place to get a good burger?

This post isn’t sponsored, but I wish it was, because I’m flippin’ starving.

In Other News: Resident Evil’s getting REmade, Stardock erects a, Nintendo gets a little less SIRAS and Star Citizen proves PC gamers are space monkeys.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were too busy trying to rebuild Johannesburg.


Resident Evil is being remade
State of Decay dev unveils mobile, multiplayer RPG Moonrise
Galactic Civilizations Developer Hires The Guy Who Built
Nintendo Divests Itself Of Inventory Management Subsidiary
Epic Games UK founded, recruitment begins
GTA Online Heists details galore
Mutant Mudds dev announces ‘Metroidvania’ game Xeodrifter


The Halo theme in a church reverbs like madness
The Gaystation sells for over $4000
Star Citizen’s Massive Funding Proves There Is a Market for PC-Only Space Sims
Far Cry 4 programmer talks story
Get a real scarf with Hyrule Warriors


Skylanders Trap Team hands on
Ganondorf goes for Hyrule
Epigenesis Launch Trailer
Behind the scenes of The Witcher 3


Are Marvel cutting back on X-Men and Fantastic Four comics to set up an INHUMANS movie?
You should be watching: PENNY DREADFUL
Watch the first 7 minutes of STAR WARS: REBELS!
We Review Batman: Assault on Arkham
Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes talk THE EXPENDABLES 3
There’s no more fear in this trailer for TESTAMENT OF YOUTH
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES early review round-up – What do the critics think of the reboot?

Model: Some deliciously dressed ground up dead cow.

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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