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In Other News – 7 October 2014

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I’ve been called all sorts of things when it comes too food. Usually, it’s derisive stuff like “snob,” or “ponce” and to some extent, it’s true. I do appreciate the finer Epicurean things in life. When I’m feeling down, or I’ve had a bad day though, nothing quite cheers me up like a simple home-cooked meal; comfort food.

And when it comes to simple comfort food, there’s nothing for that hits home quite like Mac and Cheese. It’s been that way for forever; when I was a wee lad, my mum made a stellar one, and thankfully, the wife makes a great mac ‘n cheese too.

Whenever I make the stuff, I tend to overcomplicate things; a bit of mascarpone, sage to meld with the cream and a fontina or taleggio cheese but all I’m really doing is ruining the simplicity and beauty of it. Really, all it needs is a cheddar cheese sauce, the pasta, fried onions and not-really-optionally, bacon. Cover it up with a thick layer of cheese to crust up under the grill and you’ve got a winner.

Whenever I want to kick things, Mac and cheese brings me home. What’s your comfort food? What nosh makes you feel better?

In Other News: Play in humans in DriveClub, get a spark of a starter pack, Kingdom Hearts 3 is unreal and Metroid’s not the Samus before.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we’re only being rendered at 900p.


We might be very close to a Warcraft 3 re-release
Kingdom Hearts 3 will run on Unreal Engine 4
Someone made a typo on the box art of Driveclub
Still waiting for a new 2D Metroid? Take a look at Beyond Human
Final Fantasy Explorers ditches 3D, uses new 3DS’ C-stick
3DS system update adds custom themes
MGS 5: Ground Zeroes infiltrates Steam in mid-December
Project Spark officially launches with starter pack


It’s break time for Samus
The three lives of Blizzard Entertainment
Shadow of Mordor player pulls off massive betrayal
Mapping the interior in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


DriveClub – BAC Mono gameplay
The Evil Within – The aesthetics of evil

What’s on at The Movies

This trailer for Electric Boogaloo is just like a bowel movement
Rumour – Spider-Man crossover, big changes in the Avengers universe
Rumour – Fox to develop a live-action X-Men TV series
Prepare to be judged as Dredd returns in an online mini-series
Twin Peaks returns to TV in 2016
Netflix planning a futuristic animated King Kong series for kids
Ready yourselves for this epic new trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings

Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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