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In Other News – 8 April 2013

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Testing! Testing! Is this thing even on? We have no idea, because we’re having as much trouble accessing the site as you are. Dammit, server – Y U NO WORK?

In Other News : Nintendo’s getting desperate, the PS4 has no bottlenecks, the Brits love Bioshock, Adam Orth’s been LinkedOut, and Master chief may soon need a Mastercard.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because…because we bloody well couldn’t.


Nintendo giving out free Wii U devkits?
No bottlenecks for the PS4
Bioshock Infinite stays top of the UK charts
Adam Orth’s LinkedIn Account has disappeared
Halo 4 has micro-transaction potential
LEGO Batman 2 coming to Wii U
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is mental, coming in May


Sony thought “Long and hard” about PS4 Backwards compatibility
Most gamers haven’t finished Bioshock Infinite – and never will
PlayStation Vita on the comeback trail?
Deadpool achievements leaked
Randy Pitchford discusses Alien’s cancelled  Wii U port
How Sony fixed PSPlus’ biggest flaw


Injustice Mobile Trailer
Assassin’s Creed 4 Art trailer
J Stars Victory Teaser
Pach-Attack! Why Pay Ahead Of Time?


Director Justin Lin won’t be getting Fast & Furious any more
Sherlock Holmes and that lady who caught Bin Laden are headed to CRIMSON PEAK
Monday Box Office Report – Even dinosaurs are scared of the undead
Papers please! Meet SNOWPIERCER’s cast with these 10 passport pics
This first TV spot and two new posters for the HANGOVER 3

Header: Danielle Sharp

Last Updated: April 8, 2013

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