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In Other News – 9 December, 2012

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I’ve been really, really f*cking grumpy lately. The reason, as many regular readers would have guessed by now is that I haven’t been sleeping. Again. This time, instead of the ghost of insomnia I have the weather to blame it on. I am what you’d call a light sleeper, even when it is that I actually get sleep – but I don’t know how in the heck [insert deity of choice] expects people to be able to sleep in a night-time furnace. I can’t sleep with either of the fans I have on, because their constant whirring and cyclical electrical buzzing keeps me as awake as the heat. A cold shower helped – but only as a temporary reprieve until the heat and humidity made me feel like I’d been the recipient of Satan’s golden shower.

So yesterday, I went to buy a portable air conditioner. It was ridiculously expensive, and ludicrously heavy – and after finally managing to get the thing upstairs and built I switched it on to experience the quiet cool ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BECAUSE THE GODDAMNED THING IS FAULTY. And then it started raining, leading to the miserable cold weather we’re experiencing today – making the whole exercise futile, and costly. The Flying Spaghetti Monster can be such a bastard.

In Other News : Skyrim has its own hippies, Playstation’s turned blue and the best side quests in the history of the universe.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Goldair can KISS MY ARSE.

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Sine Mora is now exclusive to the 360
OnLive wants in on Next gen
New Xbox Dashboard features leave Indie Games in the lurch
Peter Moore didn’t order Dreamcast’s death alone
Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure combines Kinect and Pixar flicks next March
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Sonic creator’s iOS game, Flickpig
PlayStation Turning Blue for ‘Change in Branding Direction’
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The Top 10 Best Side Quests Ever
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Skyrim’s Felix the Peaceful Monk
DmC gameplay video
Ninja Gaiden 3 Multiplayer footage
Mortal Kombat Arkade Kollection Euro PSN Launch Trailer

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