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In Other news – April 11, 2011

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So hows this, apparently Dragon Age 3 might be getting multiplayer and we also have a link to a spoiler filled post about new Mass Effect 3 details.

Remember folks, contrary to popular belief, the ION isn’t just an excuse to post hot babes on the site everyday (side note: today’s larger image is well worth it), we have a ton of great links for you to check out as well. So check ’em out already!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Geoff’s trip to London left him lying asleep on the floor mumbling “jus’ one more guv’na” or something to that effect.


New Mass Effect 3 details
NGP is ‘fricken amazing’, ‘quite awesome’ with a ‘flawless screen’ – Analysts
New I Am Alive in-game screenshots leaked
DICE explains reasons for lower player count on console Battlefield 3
A new breed of PlayStation exclusive: Sony maps out Xperia Play’s future
Wardell: If consoles skip 64-bit they’ll be “in for some real hurt”
Mass Effect 2 lands on Japanese PS3s in June
Dragon Age 3 with multiplayer on the way, suggests OPM
Blizzard Artists have Released a new Concept Art  


Crysis 2 looks amazing but this is unacceptable
10 Things That Need To Be Changed for GTA V


Bluespace Storage – Tetris-themed advert is awesome
FIFA 12: First screenshot will appear tomorrow – release teaser video

Header: Kate Upton (thanks Reaver for the tip. No really, really, really thanks. So fiiiiiiine)

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

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