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In Other News – April 12, 2011

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I got into a conversation today with a friend about the new Mortal Kombat webseries episode that we posted up on the site today, and we had a lengthy discussion on whether it completely sucked ass or not.

I’m often pretty easy to please when it comes to films or video, so I don’t put too much thought into it, but what do you guys think? Do you think that they could take it somewhere, are you looking forward to the rest of the series and hoping that it somehow gets picked up for television, or do you think they should just chuck it in the bin?

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were wondering why many modern FPS games let you see your own lower body, yet still don’t let you shoot yourself in the foot.


Rockstar’s secret Xbox 360 game unmasked
New Xbox 360 Format Disc Can Carry Up to 10GB of Data
Don’t do multiplayer “because some marketing guy is telling you to” – Ken Levine
Mass Effect 3 has New Game+
Batman Dev: Arkham Asylum Was ‘Too Linear’
Hotz case will deter further PS3 hacking, says Pachter
Batman: Arkham City’s open world “streams seamlessly”
Arkham City Will Have Better Bosses and Detective Mode
Remedy working on new facial animation tech, aiming to overtake LA Noire [update]


8-bit pantyhose
The Top 7… Most absurd Mortal Kombat offshoots
New Alice: Madness Returns screenshots
Look Book: The Top 10 Video Games Based On Literature


Alice: Madness Returns new trailer  
Mortal Kombat secret character tryouts may disturb you
Patapon 3 tempo troops gameplay

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