In Other News – April 14, 2011

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Avast, me hearties! Welcome to the one and only, official, accept-no-substitutes daily ION!

Maybe it is my need to act and talk like a swashbuckling pirate today or just a slight freakish obsession that only after I put up the boobelicious Bar Refaeli (yes her first name is Bar) did I realise that if you stare at her for too long, it starts to look like she is about to be pulled up and hung by her feet. Mmm… I mean, why would anyone do such a thing? Moving on!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all giving fatherly nods of approval to Nicks warped-transparent-integrated-blue-screen-of-death Photoshop skills.


Anonymous: Prepare For The Biggest Attack You Have Ever Witnessed
E3 2011: Confirmed and Rumored Games
George Hotz Speaks in Detail – Exposes Sony; Calls Them Liars
Uncharted 3 New Details From EGM
Former Blizzard Internal Tester Fired: Reveals All About Diablo 3
inFamous 2 makes fun of Halo: Reach and others


10 PS3 Exclusives That Have the Best Art Work
Xbox 360 Gets A Face Lift
How Will Valve’s Announcement of Steam on PS3 Change the Console War?
Top 5 Worst Teammates in Online Shooters
Mortal Kombat 9 Wallpapers in HD
New L.A. Noire Aerial Screenshot


Twisted Metal: Behind the Masks Trailer
Sniper: Ghost Warrior gameplay footage
New InFamous 2 New Gameplay
Outland – New CoOp Trailer
Have Ubisoft given up on the PlayStation Move?

Header: Bar Refaeli

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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