In Other News – April 19 2013 Weekend Edition

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It’s weekend baby! I’m free, I’m finally free for the next two days to do whatever I want! No one can stop me now! I shall rule the world by being extreme! Dammit, it’s cold outside…I’m staying in.

In Other News: Skyrim gets Turtle power, Microsoft makes some cash, Beyond Two Souls gets arty, behind the scenes with Michael Biehn and Mewtwo evolves.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we weren’t thinking of the children when we started a discussion over euphemisms for various bodily fluids.


Ubisoft wins big at the MCV awards
Microsoft video game division turns a profit in Q3
Company of Heroes Modern Combat mod adds marines and more
Persona 4 limited edition strikes a victory pose in Europe
The horrific Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mod for Skyrim
Beyond Two Souls box art revealed
I’ve got a bad feeling about Ride to Hell: Retribution
Wii U and 3DS game releases to increase dramatically in 2013


This League of Legends artists work is a riot
Why PC gaming is putting consoles to shame
Real life photos mixed with 16bit video games are amazing
The 22 best vampire video games


Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – Behind the scenes with Michael Biehn
Star Trek – The authentic Star Trek Universe
Pokémon X and Y – Mewtwo evolution animation

What’s on at The Movies

Dress your PC up with these new wallpapers for upcoming episodes of Doctor Who
Hold onto your floppy disks, because Weird Science is getting a remake
Jack Black and Will Ferrell are going to be Tag Brothers
Friday Fright Club – The Devil’s Backbone
Movies Out Today – Sci Fi escapism all around
James Gunn talks Guardians of the Galaxy, raccoons, Chris Pratt and Star Wars
Time to mee the devil in this new poster and two international trailers for Only God Forgives

Model: Bethanie Badertscher

Last Updated: April 19, 2013

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