In Other News – April 29, 2010

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After seeing a Great White Shark in our last In Other News post, Rajollie, a terrified reader requested “boobies” for the next header instead of another scary-ass creature. We couldn’t let a poor fear-stricken reader down now could we?

Being a gaming site, we can’t just put up random boobs images without any sort of relation to gaming, *cough* what do you take us for? This chick was totally in Red Alert 3, which completely justifies the image, mmmkay.

Here’s what you missed:


Buy Singularity Get Prototype Free
Metacritic scores vs Sales
Activision to shut down Infinity Ward says Analyst
Alternate God of War III ending revealed
Bad Company 2 unlocks Medal of Honour sniper rifle


Hatetris – The Tetris game that you can’t win


The Hunt Trailer – Want to murder animals from you living room?
Games as Art – 1UP Whiteboard [NSFW – Language]
Dead to Rights: Retribution – Launch Trailer

Last Updated: April 29, 2010

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