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In Other News – August 17, 2011

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Our list of news links today is so big that it takes the same amount of space up as the header image of Dania Ramirez, who you may remember as the really good looking chick from Heroes that kept bleeding black crap out of her eyes (and killing everything around her).

In Other News: Zelda: Skyward Sword gets release date, F1 2011 gets a safety car, Uncharted 3 gets 7 mins of gameplay footage, and you get to find out what else by clicking through to the full post.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because there’s just too much damn news to post in this crazy week of Gamescom.


Konami Announces Lineup For Gamescom 2011 And Its Huge
Microsoft unveils stellar line-up Gamescom 2011
Complete list of Battlefield 3 weapons
PS3 Console $50 Price Drop: PS3 Console Topping Charts Post Price Cut!
Gamescom 2011: Can Star Wars Sell Kinect To The Core Gamer?
Anticipated games to be released in August
Two Whole New Borderlands 2 Screens + Plenty of Facts
Zelda Skyward Sword UK release date confirmed
Skyrim Map ‘Three/Four Times That Of Fallout 3’ – Bethesda
Safety Car In F1 2011
PS3 Firmware 3.70 Hits A Snag?
No couch co-op for Battlefield 3
Don’t miss tomorrow’s Driver: San Francisco multiplayer demo
New Dark Souls screens feature character creation and multiple classes
Bodycount PS3 demo
Call of Duty Elite Beta Options Launched
Say Hello to $99.99 DLC on Xbox Live
Infinity Blade Got in the Way of Shadow Complex 2
Zelda: Four Swords free on eShop


Gears of War 3 Campaign Co-Op – Two’s Company, Four’s War
Exclusive interview with Karl Magnus Troedsson on Battlefield 3
Best Gamertag/Bio I’ve seen in awhile.


Brand new Uncharted 3 footage – 7 minutes
Bodycount Demo quickplay commentary
Mass Effect 3 Squad Leader Trailer
DMC Gamescom Trailer

Header: Dania Ramirez

Last Updated: August 17, 2011

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