In Other News – December 8, 2010

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I’m finally back after recovering from a mild case of the “death” and happy to bring you some daily ION hotness.

Thanks to my ailments, I had to make a trip to the hospital, and I noticed something rather strange. I don’t know about where you guys live, but the hospitals in my area seem to have a definite lack of overly attractive doctors and nurses who constantly stop whatever they are doing to have meaningful social conversations. Not once during my hour on a drip, did I see two doctors burst into a closet, kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off.

I’m really starting to think that that documentaries like Grey’s Anatomy and House are pre-cooked Reality TV scams.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because 13 watched while 7,8,9.

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Battlefield 3 screenshots leaked
World of Warcraft player gets first Level 85 in only 5 hours
PSN Store update gets early update
Jaffe comments about Kratos appearing in Mortal Kombat
GT5 to get web-browser B-Spec mode
New Batman: Arkham City teaser trailer incoming
Uncharted 2 gets double cash and more to celebrate Hanukkah
Blizzard happy with subscription model
Blu-ray’s one-disc advantage resonating with gamers – EA boss
Mortal Kombat website leak reveals characters


20 PC games that you should play before you die
Mark Hamill talks Arkham City and The Joker’s rumored death


Gran Turismo 5 tips and hints
NSFW: Are Lara Croft models worth the effort
Gran Turismo 5 – Fast, easy money tutorial
GT5 – Mechanical Damage videos

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Last Updated: December 8, 2010

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