In Other News – February 21, 2011

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So this weekend a bunch of us got together and played the living snot out of Marvel vs Capcom 3. While many of you will already know that I’m an avid Street Fighter IV player, I had pretty much no clue what was going on in MvC 3.

What ensued was roughly 20 hours of the weekend spent on playing and watching a game that looks like a bunch of strobe lights having an epileptic fit. It’s fun, it’s madness but by goodness, I actually have a video game hangover this morning.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were discussing what NOT to search for on Google for the safety of your eyes. If you want to know, ask Geoff, I’m not telling (Miklos has already been sent to the asylum because he didn’t listen).


MvC3: Hackers Unlock Jill Valentine On PS3
Blizzard “struggling” with Marketplace
UK top 40: Black Ops denies MVC3
Jurassic Park The Game given release date
Test Drive Unlimited 2, Open Issues and Service Status (updated – 2/19 9:30 est)
Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas
Why Dragon Age Was More Memorable Than Mass Effect 2
Deep Silver Set to Announce Another Game


KZ2 vs KZ3 grenade explosions
Valve Humors Us When Asked About Half-Life 2: Episode 3  
The Legend of Zelda Turns 25
The Drop: Playstation Week of Feb 21st 2011 New Releases


Dead Island: Video Preview

Header: Sofia Vergara

Last Updated: February 21, 2011

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