In Other News – February 25, 2010

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The weekend is finally upon us and our heads are still spinning from the insanely impressive new title We Dare from Ubisoft. Gaming will truly never be the same again.

Bulletstorm is out today and from the look of the buzz on Twitter, a lot of people can’t wait to get home and boot some baddies in the faces as soon as possible. We hope you all have a great weekend of gaming and we”ll see you all on Monday.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because all our internet connections were going on and off more than Lindsey Lohan goes in and out of rehab.

This week on Lazygamer:

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Dragon Age 2 demo impressions
Get Fit With Mel B Review – May contain traces of spice… girl
Reviewed: Killzone 3 in 3D with a sharpshooter
Exclusive: Dressed In A Bikini, Got A Free Copy Of Bulletstorm From EA
Killzone 3 Review – When Helghan Freezes Over


Gamers Expect All Titles to be Online Now, says GameSpy
Killzone 3 interview: ‘Now I’m in a tank, now I’ve got a jetpack’
Complete boxed Alien Breed Trilogy Announced for Xbox 360
Eidos post image of Thief 4, playtest shot shows third-person
Kirby’s Epic Fail: The sorry sight of Nintendo’s marketing campaign
Microsoft Kinect-powered robot to aid earthquake rescue


Gallery of Killzone Steel Rain DLC
Witcher 2 Screenshots
The Top 10 Innovations In FPS History
Insane 2 screenshots released
Some Game Characters Need To Keep Their Big Mouths Shut


InFamous 2 duality trailer
Fable III – Traitor’s Keep trailer
Video impressions of XBox event and CliffyB
First Crysis 2 PS3 Footage

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Last Updated: February 25, 2011

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