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In Other News – Homegrown Hotties Edition 15 March 2012

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Man, what a scorcher of a day. It’s drawing to a close though, and one thing that I can look forward to is some Mass Effect 3 action tonight. The only downside is, is that my game came with a thick art book, and as a lover of these things, I just want to page through its glossy insides and soak in some artistic glory.

Except I can’t, because Geoff warned me that there were several spoilers inside of it, so it’ll have to wait until I finish the ME3 before I can peruse it to the max. And who knows how ling that will take?

Meanwhile, have an ogle at our LW Mag sponsored Homegrown Hottie, Jeanette Mostert. She’s a Jozi girl who likes shiny white teeth, unplanned parties and happens to be a big Stormers Rugby fan. Go team! Read more about her here.

In Other News: Kid Icarus gets animated, we still have no clue as to the future of Mirrors Edge and the unlikeliest video game weapons of all time.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy being scared of the spider that creeped into the office. It has the eyes of eight killers, we swear.


New PS Vita firmware on the horizon
New Soul Calibur V update tweaks balance and gameplay issues
The first official box art for Pokemon Black and White 2
Kid Icarus gets a downloadablke anime series on the 3DS
The trophies of Ninja Gaiden 3
The creator of Mega Man wants to make a Wii U game
The future of Mirrors Edge is still frustratingly vague
EA Games starts to shut down servers for Burnout Revenge, FIFA 10 and more


Top ten unlikeliest weapons in games
Can gaming ever produce a "Pride and Prejudice"?
Threes a crowd – A beginners guide to Mass Effect 3
Why I hate entitled fans


A Game of Thrones – Behind the scenes of combat
Risen 2 – Developer music diary
Darksiders 2 – Behind the mask: Deaths world

Across the Networks

It’s official – The BBC is going to have a video download store
Hot Toys teases some wonderful new Batman toys
How one pimp beat the FBI with a simple pattern lock password
Is Sin City 2 finally coming?
Y the last man gets a new line of writers from New Line
Colin Farrell rides to the rescue of Arthur and Lancelot

Model: Jeanette Mostert

Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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