In Other News – January 24, 2011

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We received our review copy of DC Universe online today (in the sexiest packaging evaaar) and are currently doing the ridiculous 11GB install and 3GB patch so that we can actually get a review to ya’ll, so keep a look out for our review soon.

We have some great links and videos in today’s ION so check ’em out and be sure to watch the awesome Super Meat Boy fan made video posted as well.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were playing Truth or Lies to find out what Geoff REALLY thought of the game. According to the game, he loved it.


Bethesda confirms more New Vegas DLC
Mortal Kombat box art looks snazzy
MvC3 – Frank West cut, Phoenix Wright considered
Valve: PS3 hacks “won’t have any impact at all”
Portal 2 Mod Levels ‘For All Platforms’
UK charts: LBP2 goes No.1 , ME2 PS3 only at 7
Catherine is Dengeki Games’ Cover Girl


PS3 Headset review round-up
10 reasons why you won’t hate Dead Space


Cat interacts with another cat on Kinect
Black Ops Mythbusters: Episode 4
AWESOME Resident Evil 5 skin and model mods – Irving as the Joker is sweet
Super Meat Boy fan made video shows best bandage get ever

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Last Updated: January 24, 2011

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