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In Other News – July 20, 2011

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I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that some sort of extreme safari competition was taking place on the internet because it would be understandable after Social Networks suddenly exploded with people shouting “Lion! Lion!”.

The reason being of course, that this afternoon, Apple released the latest update to their range of operating systems that are always named after a big scary cat, in this one’s case, it’s Lion.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because the 3.5GB OS update is downloading at the speed of ass, and I’ve been staring at the loading bar heavily in an attempt to will it faster using the force.


PS3 “a pain in the ass to work on”
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 London Level Revealed
Resistance 3 Beta is Live *UPDATE*- Redemption Disabled
Michael Pachter: “I’m getting my mom an Xbox 360, and you are too”
Rumour: Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial screenshot leaker ‘threatened with a £175k lawsuit’
First GoldenEye 007 Reloaded screenshots
Infinity Ward clarifies Raven’s involvement with CoD franchise
Killzone Server Downtime Announced
Battlefield 3: The animations – An important part of authenticity
Halo 4 info teased for August


Five Reasons to Purchase Gears of War 3 Over Uncharted 3
PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Exclusives insight: Sony may have last laugh in 2012
What If Xbox Live Had Been Hacked Instead Of Sony?
Seven games you’ll probably skip to play Modern Warfare 3, but shouldn’t
How LBP creators nearly robbed the world of Portal


Resistance 3 – 20 Minutes of Beta Gameplay
Skyrim Inside look Sneak Peak and Gameplay
Where Minecraft Meets Okami
Prey 2 Trailer with Developer Commentary – Part 1
Final Fantasy Type-0 – 7 Minutes Gameplay
Darksiders II Gameplay Video
Incredible 10 Minute SWTOR Jedi Knight Gameplay Video Leaked

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